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Deaf actors from Oak Park star in play premiering in Hollywood

Each character makes a choice, and then they have to face a consequence,” Bray said. “It’s not just one love story that carries the play. There are multiple love stories interwoven that provide different definitions of what love really means.”

Bray’s face was expressive as she signed the story of the love in her own life — the love that blossomed between her and her husband. There were years of brief encounters.

She recalled first seeing Kotsur when he starred in a Connecticut National Theatre of the Deaf production of “Ophelia” in 1993. Then, three years later, Kotsur moved to California for a Deaf West Theatre role in “Of Mice and Men,” for which he was named Best Actor by L.A. Weekly. Bray saw that performance, and her friend nudged her and said, “Who’s that guy over there?”