Nightmare Factory returns to Oregon School for the Deaf

  Source:  Nightmare Factory is not just a haunted house. It is a teaching opportunity, a way to keep the Oregon School for the Deaf in the public eye.
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A proud culture permeates at Rochester School for the Deaf

  Source:  For over 141 years, the Rochester School for the Deaf has welcomed a special group of students.
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Vancouver man accused of arson at resource center for the Deaf

  Source:  Smith-Riggs is now facing Burglary, Arson, and Malicious Mischief charges.
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Bridge Partners Finds Chief Diversity Officer for Gallaudet University

  Source:  Dr. Elavie Ndura comes to the renowned institution for the deaf and hard of hearing from George Mason University
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Mind Rockets Wants To Give A Voice To MENA’s Deaf Community

  Source:  Mind Rockets Inc wants to change that, and they’ve tasked themselves with the mission of developing assistive tech solutions to make the world accessible to the Deaf community.
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Deaf-blind patrons must be able to go to the movies too, court says

  Source:  An appeals court ruled that federal disability law requires movie theaters to provide specialized interpreters to patrons who are deaf and blind.
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