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Deaf-mute terrorist threatens India, says will only attack those who can speak

A deaf-mute terrorist recorded and uploaded a video online signing out how all Indians were bad people. He used sign language to further explain that India did various atrocities and that they had killed many of their people. He asked the people to have patience as another attack would be made very soon, maybe even on Delhi. He also clarified deaf-mute people would be spared from whatever attack would be coming next.

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Community learns sign language to engage with 2-year-old girl

A two-year-old girl who is deaf loves to chat with anyone. When her neighbors found out, they came together to learn how to communicate with her. Steve Hartman reports from Newton, Massachusetts, for “On the Road.”

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Woman’s stolen purse had deaf son’s cochlear implants inside

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NORMAN, Okla. – A Norman burglary leaves one mother pleading for what was inside of her stolen purse – her son’s cochlear implants.

 “Let’s be honest. They’re probably in a dumpster somewhere,” mom Kimberly Blodgett told KFOR.

Her 3-year- old son Albie’s cochlear implants were stolen Monday morning. She said while Albie is completely deaf, he lights up with his implants.

“If you see him and you put those on him you can tell a huge difference,” Blodgett sad.

Blodgett said the implants were inside her purse that she left in her car while dropping off her kids at a daycare. The daycare said they don’t have outside video cameras and unfortunately the car was left unlocked.

“In these instances, people move very quickly. They’re looking for signs as well. They’re looking for maybe you didn’t have your car keys out. Maybe you didn’t lock your vehicle. The lights didn’t flash or maybe you didn’t have a purse on your shoulder when you were walking your children in,” Norman Police PIO Sarah Jensen said.

Blodgett said she adopted Albie and his little sister last year after fostering them. With three other kids, the cost to replace the implants is a financial burden – $20,000.

Norman police said it hasn’t had any other reports of burglaries from the daycare or a trend of burglaries in daycare parking lots. Still, you should remember to always lock your car and take out personal belongings.

“It really is so important that people take those valuables with them wherever they go. We would never advise for anyone to ever leave their purse in their vehicle or any type of item that’s gonna hold valuables,” Jensen said.

Now Blodgett just hopes her child’s implants are returned and the thief is caught.

“I want her to be caught. That’s what I want. Because I just, my thing is I don’t want this to happen to anyone else,” Blodgett said.

Blodgett said she was notified twice now that a woman has attempted to cash some of her stolen checks in Edmond.

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Killeen ISD student gets surprise visit from Dallas Cowboys mascot Rowdy


KILLEEN, TX – This Valentine’s Day is one an 11-year-old girl from Killeen will remember forever.

Kayla Rae was born premature and is deaf, partially blind, has mild cerebral palsy and autism and like many Texans, she and her entire family bleed blue and white.

She is the biggest Dallas Cowboys mascot fan, and on Thursday, she got to meet Rowdy.

“She had no idea, she just knew she was going to get an early birthday present didn’t know if it was a visitor or what it was,” said Martha Garibay Bartolo, Kayla Rae’s mother.

Her older brother is out at school in College Station and her dad is stationed in Kuwait, she thought the surprise might have been one of them.

“He was very happy that we were able to pull this off for her and kind of sad that he couldn’t be here for her,” said Garibay Bartolo. “I’m just glad that she seemed to enjoy it, like I said, she’s very shy but that’s her cowboy right there, isn’t that right?”

It was an especially emotional day for mom.

“We just wanted to do something different for her and surprise her and make it something that she will remember,” said Garibay Bartolo.

Because she knows, Kayla Rae will remember this Valentine’s Day forever.

“What do you want to say to Rowdy?” “Thank you?” said Garibay Bartolo.

“Thank you,” said Kayla Rae.  The surprise only took about a week to plan out.

Kayla Rae turns 12-years-old in exactly one week.